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Spark Joy and Create a Sense of Belonging. Support Inclusion!

Every Dollar Helps to Combat Loneliness and Isolation

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Help Us Create A Place to Belong, Be Seen, and Be Remembered

Where does your donation go?

Because of your contribution, we are able to fund the Forget-Me-Not Friends Club program. The Forget-Me-Not Friends Club is where we generate a sense of belonging and remember our friends with a disability. This club is where our friends with disabilities receive personal cards and packages mailed directly to them throughout the year.

Do you remember the excitement you felt as a kid anticipating a birthday card in the mail, and you wondered if there would be a surprise inside? Take a moment and think about how you feel today when you receive a card or gift in the mail from a friend or loved one. Do you feel acknowledged, remembered, and valued?

I received a note from a parent that said, "My son received his Valentine's Day card, and it generated the most genuine smile I have seen on his face in a long time." This is what we strive for, and it warmed my heart to hear this from one of our beneficiaries at the Forgotten Wishes Foundation.

Why is your contribution important?

One in four people has a disability that keeps them from working, living, and engaging in the world without assistance. Over 40% of them do not have a family member or close friend that is there for them in their life. This special population is easily forgotten and often isolated.

The Forgotten Wishes Foundation is dedicated to remembering people with disabilities by sending them personalized birthday cards, holiday greetings, small gifts, and fun stuff in the mail. Our mission is to combat loneliness and isolation and become a source of joy for people with disabilities that inspires a sense of belonging.

Your donation makes a big impact on the hearts of people with disabilities. For as little as $5.00 a month, or a single donation of $60.00, you can make sure that someone benefits for an entire year. How many people can you impact today? No donation is too small. We appreciate your support.

Stronger Together,

Lisa Dempsey, Founder